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        As an active construction consultant & contractor we are constantly involved in the most current construction practices and construction related contractual agreements, as well as, up to date building code requirements and their application to customary construction methods.  While Expert Witness consulting has evolved to a moderate portion of our business, we continue to perform construction projects to maintain the highest level of expertise and knowledge of all aspects of construction.  This has proven to give an exceptional level of “validity” and accuracy to our testimonies.

  John Gallagher is Licensed by the State of Michigan as a Residential Builder and has been a CMR (Certified Mold Remediator) since 2003.  Certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association.  We have performed construction consulting projects on disputes, claims, counter claims, mediations, arbitrations and lawsuits since 1994.  These projects ranged from construction contract disputes, water damage, code deficiencies, foundation failures, construction problems (builder vs. buyer), product application problems, customary workmanship assessment, personal injury as a result of improper construction methods, etc… 

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To date, over 99% of our clients have received “favorable decisions”.  In fact, a number of our new “attorney clients” have come to us for construction consulting services, only after attempting to “defend” against our reports.  A recent client told us that he was referred to us by an attorney who was opposed to us in a previous case.  The attorney told this new client that “our reports were indefensible”.  While this was quite a compliment, we humble ourselves with the understanding that “the truth along with clear accurate proof positive documentation will undoubtedly prevail in the resolution of disputes”.

Our reports, as applicable, are backed up with digital photos, video, copies of specific building code violations,  on site detailed inspection, over three decades of experience in the construction industry, exceptionally detailed reports, outsourced testing facilities for all aspects of construction materials, cost to correct assessments, detailed proposals, summary analysis of overall losses, etc…